For sale 1 bedroom apartments Nha Trang

Apartment No. 8 on the 4th floor with two bedrooms 68 sq.m.
If you are looking for where it is better to buy an apartment, then the 26-storey “HUD” project in the center of Nha Trang will be a real find for you!
This residential complex is being built in the heart of the city. 100% guarantee from BIDV Bank for obtaining keys and Certificate of Ownership of the “Pink Book” in 2021.
Ergonomic landscape design and thought out to the last detail comfort is a distinctive feature of the project.
In addition, those wishing to buy an apartment in the “HUD” project will be pleased with a completely modern engineering support of the house, which no doubt includes high-quality sound insulation, a well-thought-out ventilation system that will maintain an optimal microclimate, fresh air and balanced humidity in all rooms.
So, if you are wondering where, in which of the many residential projects under construction in Nha Trang today, we strongly recommend that you take a closer look at the HUD residential complex.
And the most important trump card of the project is of course its affordable price.
Check the current prices and availability of the apartments you are interested in from the managers of our company.



  44 m2

For sale
15.2 bn. VND