Apartment Rentals at Vinhomes Central Park

I'm currently looking for an apartment for rent and Vinhomes Central Park for single staying. I understand this project is somewhat new and just wanted to get feedback on others who have lived here or still living here.

-Is the area safe? How's the security on the premises?
-What's the average rent cost for an apartment? I'm looking at either 1 bedroom 1 bath.
-How do the deposits work? One or two months security deposit? First month rent due immediately?
- Minimal term of staying?
-Convenience of nearby shops, supermarket, restaurants? Preferably walking distance.
-Are there any banks on the business floor like Vietcombank, Vietinbank or others?

I know these are a lot of questions but I just want to make sure. Thanks.
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I have stayed at Vinhome Central Park and find it to be a great place to be. Clean as a whistle, banks and bank ATM's everywhere, security at each unit is the best. You must have a resident card to enter the outside doors to the elevators, and the same card allows you to actuate the button to reach your floor. Building are spotless clean. Many places to eat all over the complex. Pools for each building. Viacom just opened a new mall in the complex and there is a supermarket there as well. Indeed, you could live there and never have to leave, unless you worked elsewhere. If I were to move to HCM this is where I would live. I suppose the only downside is most of that area floods with the high tides when there is rain.

Basically 1 bedroom rents up to 1 k and 2 bedrooms up to 1.2 k usd. But now prices fell , so you can find around 850$.

Rule is 1 month immediate deposit and 1 month up front before moving in
There could be close to 8000 to 10000 people around ultimately.

Hope it helps..
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