Renting an apartment in Vung Tau! Help needed

Hello everyone!
I’m planning to move to Vung Tau in the near future and work as an English teacher. I’d really like to plan everything ahead and as detailed as possible.
I’ve made some research on the theme and discovered that prices for apartments can vary pretty considerably. I’ve heard people renting an apartment for only 200USD per month, which is dream come true! I’m able to pay up to 400$, and I’d love to find some really pretty place to live, preferably with the sea view, in a nice location and stuff…
Is it possible to find a good apartment for 200$ up to 400$ a month? Also wondering if I can find an apartment by myself, not through a website or real estate agents. Is it even possible?

Any tips for the apartments search in Vietnam in general? Any help would be much appreciated since I've got zero knowledge on the topic((
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более года назад
Okay, that’s an interesting topic. Let me give you some advice.

First of all, do not set anything up before you arrive. I also suggest your investing up to 15$ a day to stay in a hostel while searching.

Secondly, if you’re not fluent in Vietnamese, you better hire an interpreter who will accompany you throughout the process of searching and negotiations with the real estate agents, landlords and so on.

Also take into consideration that often landlords require a deposit for a long-term rent, but my advice – never agree to pay for more than 1 month ahead. You better prepare about 1200$ just for that purpose. It’s not a must, but letting you know just in case.

As for the price, I seriously doubt that it’s possible to find a sea view flat for 200-300$. It would cost at least 500$, okay 400$ but in this case the beach will probably be in the walking distance. For 200$ you might find a flat with commodities excluded. It means that you may have to set up a kitchen, buy some domestic stuff and pay for utilities on your own.

I hope this helps! Good luck

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