What utility bills are included in the rent in Vietnam?

Hey everyone!
I'm going to move to Vietnam temporarily and instead of staying in a hotel I'd like to rent an apartment just to have my own place to live in...

I'm wondering what utility bills do I have to pay? Are they included in the rent price? Or it's all paid by the landlord? Thanks for the answer
hơn 1 năm trước
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hơn 1 năm trước
Well I've just moved to the new apartment recently, and I have to pay for everything: electricity, wifi, water and gas... even though I don't even use it))))
I think it's not a must, rather it depends on the landlord...
hơn 1 năm trước
This is true, it totally depends on the landlord. Some require wifi and TV payments, others do not. You have to pay for electricity though, and here's my advice to you at this point.

First off, try to ask to see the bill. Most landlords will refuse (of course), but at least you can try. The thing is, the average electricity consumption bill is about 15000dong, while landlords may charge up to 35000.

Then ask to see the meter that keeps track of your electricity consumption and keep track of it yourself. It will certainly help you save loads of money.

Anyway, do not believe every word landlords say, always ask to see the bills before paying for anything! Good luck
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In most cases, electricity is paid by the tenant. If you rent an apartment in a multi-unit building, there're meters for every apartment either in the basement or on every floor. Ask your landlord to show you the meter and take a photo of the number. Then you can keep track of your consumption yourself and pay every month for the exact amount.

As for the water, it's mostly free of charge. Wifi and TV are included in the rent in most cases... If you live in a large building, you'll have to pay a management fee such as reception, water delivery, gym etc.

Also be ready to pay a security deposit in the 1-month rental amount which will be returned to you at the end of the lease, on the very last day when you return the keys.

I hope this was helpful!