Vietnam real estate high ROI or just a bubble?

Now a market of real estate growth so fast. So many projects are built day and night. Chinese people buy apartments like insane. Someone says that HCMC will become become Singapore or Hong Kong.

There were such 10 years ago in the US States. As house prices have risen higher and higher, they have taken up new mortgages on their houses (which were willingly granted by the banks) in order to indulge themselves more luxury (new cars, etc.).
After the bubble burst the US States kicked off the last global financial crisis. The result is probably still known to everyone.

I think in Vietnam, the bubble will burst at some point. But history will also repeat itself in America.

So not a problem in Vietnam but a human problem because man is the stupidest creature that is extremely greedy for money and power and never learns anything from its mistakes.
more than year ago
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