Vientam Homes: Why no emergency exit??

I’m renting a 1-bedroom flat on the 8th floor of a newly-built 2018 building, which is not the cheapest one on the market. It’s furnished nicely, the furniture is brand new and kind of stylish… Everything is fine except for one moment that seriously troubles me.

Many buildings, not only mine, have only 1 window and 1 door. I mean, I have a balcony completely doorless, and my apartment has only 1 door and 1 small window. Well, I’ve found something that possibly could be an escape door, but it’s locked. When I asked about it, the landlord just shook his shoulders pretending (or not?) that he didn’t understand my English. Communication is another great problem in Vietnam, but the main issue here is the lack of escape doors which is against not only fire-safety but simple common sense! It’s always so hot and stuffy here, plus in case of emergency, I’m trapped… and there’re so many apartments built like this in Vietnam. What’s the matter? Maybe I’m don’t get something?
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From my personal experience, I can say that there surely are apartments that meet all the fire-safety regulations. Currently, I live in a flat with an escape exit, and all my previous apartments contained fire escapes. I think it’s the matter of choice and thorough accommodation search.

For example, when I lived in Saigon, I saw many buildings with side doors for emergency purposes along with a fire escape balcony and a ladder. Now I live in Vung Tau and pretty every apartment in my building has an access to an escape exit. I have 2 kitchen and bedroom windows along with the balcony door that allows a decent airflow and let enough light in.

No idea what kind of buildings you are talking about, but as far as I know, all newly-built buildings do have emergency exits and their design allows the air to circulate freely inside apartments.
Dude, it’s as simple as ABC -> doors and windows (especially picture windows) are super expensive to build, plus they must be lockable, which again costs extra cash. Who wants to pay more if people are okay with renting 1-window flats anyway? Emergency situations happen here very rarely so people just don’t feel themselves in danger… or just being careless.

Secondly, apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows or just a few normal ones cost much more and not everyone can afford to rent such an accommodation, while simple flats like yours are pretty popular and budget-friendly, so again why bother? I bet your rent is cheap enough as well. Guess why?)))
Nancy, no idea where you lived in Saigon, but recently there has been a tragedy, in my opinion – the result of neglecting fire-safety rules and regulations. The fire struck a brand new building called Carina Plaza (maybe you’ve heard about it?), many people died there, including kids. Even though officially the building contained all fire preventing precautions, none of them had worked when it was needed.

W.Royall, I’m totally convinced that the local tenants seriously lack self-awareness and you should definitely search for a better accommodation. Good luck & be safe!
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